Newly Launched Youtube Channel

Great news everyone! We have recently launched our new Youtube channel where will upload videos that showcase what our university has to offer. This channel will highlight any and everything student-related associated with Tokyo Institute of Technology. Here you will be able to find videos of events (e.g. Welcome Party, Sports Festival, BBQ, etc) and also we will be accepting videos created by you the students showcasing your film editing skills or any video you feel would be appropriate for other students to see. Please support our channel by subscribing as this channel is for all of us, to show the whole world what Tokyo Institute of Technology is all about. Our Goal is 500+ subscribers. LET'S DO IT!!!



If you would like to showcase your talent or any video you would like to see on our channel, you can submit your video by sharing the link to the video on a file hosting service (such as Dropbox or Google Drive) here:

Please note: All videos submitted will be subjected to review for appropriateness. Here are the general categories for appropriateness:

  • Tokyo Tech related
  • Student life related
  • No illegal conducts should be displayed or involved in the video.
  • No graphic images should be displayed in the video.
  • No copyright infringement