Weekly TITech Student Forum

About the Weekly TITech Student Forum (WTSF)

Welcome to TISA’s Weekly TITech Student Forum (WTSF). This event started on June 1 st , 2016 and is a platform for all foreign students of Tokyo Institute of Technology to discuss their concerns on different issues related to academic as well as campus life. TISA wants to foster a strong relationship between the Tokyo Tech administration and the students. Through this event, students can be well informed about what’s going on inside Tokyo Tech and the administration can support us by discussing thoroughly about our concerns.

How it works

Every Wednesday, TISA will invite a guest speaker from Tokyo Tech's administration to talk about a topic that was requested by the students. The guest personnel from Tokyo Tech's staff will be someone relevant to the topic of that week. Each week there will be a different topic (i.e. TokyoTech Educational Reform). After the guest speaker’s speech/ presentation, students will get the chance to ask questions and discuss on it. To help the speaker prepare for a more effective presentation and gather information beforehand, please add the questions or concerns that you want to discuss to the list at the bottom of this page. Examples include:

Q1: What are the changes in undergraduate academic system in this Educational Reform?
Q2: I’m a Master student, do I need to take internship?
Q3: I’m a second year Doctoral student from Mechanical Engineering Department, which Career Development Courses are suitable for me?
Q4: I’m interested in overseas internship, who should I consult with?
Q5: I had difficulty in course registration because of new education system.
Q6: Most of the courses are in Japanese now, it was better in former education system.

Every week, after presentation and discussion, TISA will give an evaluation form to each student for improvement of the event to be more useful and to decide upon future topic of discussion.

Where, When

Place: HUB-ICS (West 9 building, 1st floor, Ookayama campus)
Time: <to be announced>

Outcome of Previous Forums

Here are reviews of each Forum and their outcomes:

Date Topic Follow-up
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July 13, 2016 Academic Well-being and Harassment https://mytisa.net/content/wtsf-follow-academic-well-being-and-harassment
July 6, 2016 Dormitories and Housing https://mytisa.net/content/wtsf-follow-dormitories-and-housing
June.22.2016 Internships https://mytisa.net/content/wtsf-follow-internship
June.15.2016 Part-time Job For International Students https://mytisa.net/content/wtsf-follow-part-time-job-international-students
June.1.2016 Scholarship For International Students https://mytisa.net/content/wtsf-follow-scholarship-international-students