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We created a file introducing TISA events.

Although it’s difficult to hold events during this coronavirus pandemic, you may see our past events and keep looking forward to the future!


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TISA Membership enrollment 2020

TokyoTech International Student Association (TISA)
The Tokyo Tech International Students Association (TISA) is an essential constituent of campus life that hopes to provide the appropriate programs, suitable facilities and right services for International students as well as for Japanese students. TISA will serve as a network for educational exchange, wherein students from different regions of the globe will be able to collaborate and share information among members.  

Roles and Responsibilities of the Executive Officers



The following are the duties of the President:

  1. Preside over the Executive body of the association and its meetings
  2. Provide general supervision over all business and affairs of the association
  3. Direct and motivate the Executive body towards achieving the mission, strategies and goals of the association
  4. Ensure that the organization and its officers operate efficiently, effectively, and accountability.
  5. Appoint chairs of all committees and task forces
  6. Represent TISA and its member to all external groups and entities



  1. Assist the President in discharging his/her duties
  2. Assume the role of President in the event that the President is unable to function
  3. Any other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the President


 Internal Affairs Committee メンバーシップ委員会

-- in charge of internal affairs of TISA, managing and facilitating administration and communication between TISA councils. 

  • General Secretary

The following are the duties of the General Secretary:

  1. Ensure meetings are effectively organized and recorded
  2. Manage the communication correspondence between the Executive and other entities, internal and external
  3. Maintaining effective records and effective administration of TISA assets
  4. Manage the organization’s membership database


  • Assistant General Secretary
  1. Assist the General Secretary in the discharge of his/her duties
  2. Assume all duties and responsibilities if the General Secretary in the event that the General Secretary is unable to function


Public Relations Committee広報PR委員会

-- do promotion and publication for TISA. We are calling for SNS and website managers, Poster designers, Mailing-Newsletter coordinators, photographer & event participants.


  • Design Team
  1. Create all public relations material. 
  2. Take events photos, videos. 
  3. Design posters, flyers, website. 
  • Media Team
  1.  In charge of all communication channels and TISA’s social media
  2. Update Facebook, Twitter, TISA Website.
  3. Contract each country student association send emails to inform events 
  • External cooperation Team (日本語ができる方大歓迎!)
  1. Ask for university cooperation. 
  2. Provide Japanese support to other team members.

Japanese Student Representatives 日本人学生代表

  1. Assist the organization is making its activities more accessible to Japanese students
  2. Help with communicating with other student groups and circles at Tokyo Tech
  3. Represent the interest of Japanese students to the TISA Executives and relevant committees

Major Project Committee メインイベント委員会

-- organizes and executes all major TISA events and activities.

  • Leaders
  • Big welcome to short-term event volunteers.


Finance Committee   会計

-- manage money, keep finance records

  • Treasurer
  1. Manage the organization’s bank account(s) and money
  2. Ensure appropriate financial systems and controls are in place
  3. Ensure that all budgets and income/expense reports are prepared and presented in a timely manner
  4. Keep accurate records of the organization’s assets
  5. Ensure the organization is keep in good financial standings with all relevant parties
  • Assistant Treasurer
  1. Assist the Treasurer in the discharge of his/her duties
  2. Assume all duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer in the event that the Treasurer is unable to function

Japanese Exchange (JEx) Committee 日本文化交流部

-- make events to promote cross-cultural understanding between Japanese students and international students. 

past events: Judo experience with judo club, one-day trip & photo contests, volleyball event with MARCH...

Cultural Committee 文化委員会

-- promotes and supports cultural activities  

(Let's Go Global & Shimizukubo Elementary School Cultural Exchange Event) 

Student service Committee 学生サポート委員会

  -- provide information and make events to support students' life in Tokyo Tech.


'One World'

Sunday, March 15, 2020 - 15:08

2020. Spring. heart Many new international students are looking for their whereabouts. Congratulations! You find the right place! Here is your home! laugh

We are more than delighted to welcome you to TISA - Tokyo Tech International Student Association, TokyoTech’s biggest international students’ community!

 TISA is a great space for international students to integrate into the Tokyo Tech community. 

Toward the new coming year, the 2020 TISA recruitment is here and everyone is encouraged to participate. We welcome anyone from new students to OB & OG. Come and see which positions suit you! 



1.      ​Period: at all times

·      Students enroll in TISA membership.

2.     Annual General Meeting (AGM): to be decided

Executive Positions

·      President 

·      Vice Presidents

·      Internal Affairs Committeeメンバーシップ委員会

  _ General Secretaries

·      Public Relation Committee広報PR委員会

  _Japanese Student Representatives 日本人学生代表

·      Major Project Committee メインイベント委員会

·      Japanese Exchange (JEx) Committee 日本文化交流部

·      Cultural Committee 文化委員会

·      Student service Committee 学生サポート委員会

·      Finance Committee 会計



Do you want to know what each position is responsible for? 

Click here to find out about their roles and responsibilities.


TISA Membership enrollment form:


We always welcome everyone who is interested, regardless of age, nationality nor status. 

You can apply to be a volunteer/ council member.

For TISA council members, you need to be a full time student or staff in Tokyo Institute of Technology.

For registered volunteers,both full-time and exchange students are welcomed.

we will contact whenever new events come up to check your availability. Usually, we have a new event every couple of months.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):  FAQ link


TISA – Tokyo Tech International Student Association

Tokyo Institute of Technology



Twitter:   @tisa_tokyotech <>

Facebook page:

Facebook group:]


'One World'

Sunday, March 15, 2020 - 12:21

Tokyo Tech International Student Association (TISA)

Tokyo Institute of Technology has about 1600 international students from over 80 different countries. This creates a rich and diverse mix of cultures in our community for everyone to experience. The Tokyo Tech International Students Association (TISA) is the group that connects all international students and works to enhance this multicultural experience at Tokyo Tech.

TISA was created during International Round Table meetings, which are meetings between Tokyo Tech staff and representatives from the international student community. TISA was officially launched on October 5, 2007 under the guide of Prof. Yuriko Sato to unite and support international students and coordinate cross-cultural activities.


<Image of our objectives>


Our Objectives

- To support international students of Tokyo Tech

- To convey a single voice of international students to the university administration

- To enlarge the human resource network among Tokyo Tech students around the globe

- To promote cross cultural understanding among Tokyo Tech students

- To create and organize useful academic, educational, social, cultural and recreational activities in the best interest of the association and its members.



Uniting students  large_uniting students_0.png

As a whole, TISA serves as the union of all international students in Tokyo Tech. While some countries have their own student groups, such as PPI Tokodai (for Indonesian students) and Thai Tokodai (for Thai students), TISA combines all of those groups with the other students who don’t have their own country-groups. Furthermore, TISA also incorporates Japanese students who are interested in interacting with and supporting international students. Over the last 13 years, more than 400 international and Japanese students have served as staff members and volunteers in TISA.

Supporting students and working with staff 
One of the most important roles of TISA is to help creating a supportive environment for international students. From the moment international students leave their homecountries, TISA is focused on ensuring that they enjoy their journey through Japan. Using their own experiences, the senior international students in TISA will help the newcomers to adjust to life in Tokyo Tech and Japan. TISA staff members also work closely with Tokyo Tech’s administration to communicate the needs of international students.

 Since TISA started, there have been regular meetings with University staff members and students groups to discuss the welfare of international students. These meetings included meetings with faculty advisors from the International Student Center, and the TITech Student Forum.

 The TITech Student Forum is currently one of TISA’s core activities. Its aim is to help students improve their lives on campus and improve communication between students and staff. With the help of the Vice-President for Education Prof Tetsuya Mizumoto, each Forum allows students to discuss their issues directly with the relevant University officials. Past Forums have involved representatives from the Student Support Division, Student Guidance Room, and International Students Exchange Division.  The discussions have dealt with issues relating to scholarships, safety and well-being on campus, academic well-being and harassment, dormitories and housing, etc.

Building a home for international students
food party_0.JPG

 TISA is a great space for international students to integrate into the Tokyo Tech community. 

 There are many activities that welcome new international students after they arrive in Tokyo and are confused about life in Japan.
 At the beginning of first and third quarters, TISA members introduce relevant activities and services to newcomers during the new international student orientation. Additionally, at a later date in each quarter, TISA assists in organizing the International Welcome Party where newcomers can meet other new students, current students, staff, and alumni. These events feature many cultural performances, food, prizes, and activities from many different cultures. Past International Welcome Parties have had over 200 attendees and featured over 40 performers.

 The community in TISA also extends to the digital world. Members can connect to TISA’s Facebook group and page, Twitter account, and forum at These mediums enable TISA members to always stay connected to the community, their countrymen, and others of similar interests.

 The cultural identity of each international student is the foundation of the cultural diversity in Tokyo Tech and it must be protected. To this end, TISA organizes “Let’s Go Global: Natives”, a weekly activity that is held at lunchtime in the HUB-International Communication Space (HUB-ICS). Every week, an international student becomes an ambassador of their country and reconnects to their culture by giving presentations about life in their country.

Sharing  culture 

 In addition to allowing international students to connect to their own cultures, “Let’s Go Global: Natives” also allows sharing of cultures in the most authentic way: in native way. The audience members at these events learn about different nations through the eyes and experiences of natives of that country. This promotes cross-cultural intelligence and understanding.

 Other venues for sharing culture are the cultural exchange events facilitated by TISA in the Ookayama area. Since 2010 TISA has been collaborating with the Shimizokubo Elementary School in Ookayama to expose their children to foreign countries from natives of those countries. And over the last 10 year, TISA has hosted English Cafe in the Ookayama Sakura festival (organized by the Ookayama North-Exit Shopping Street Association) and the Tokyo Tech campus festival. For each of these events, international students share stores and games form their own countries with children from the Meguro-ku and Ota-ku communities.

LGG Display - Main_0_0.png  LGG c_0.JPG

Connection between international students and Japanese students

 The majority of the members in the wider Tokyo Tech community are Japanese, and TISA also has Japanese member who are interested in international students. Most of TISA activities are open to all students, and several TISA activities are aimed directly at promoting interaction between Japanese students and international students. In the past year, TISA’s Japanese Friendly Committee partnered with three (3) sports circles in Tokyo Tech to introduce these clubs to international students because most of the extracurricular activities are conducted in Japanese language, TISA helped international students who can’t understand Japanese to participate in these activities while also helping the partner clubs to reach internationals students. This project has so far involved Photography, Karuta, volleyball, Tennis, Aikido, Judo circles etc. and will be extended to more.

Networking and building friendships

 TISA events generally allow students to freely connect, make new friendships, and enjoy their lives in Tokyo Tech. These activities promote interaction over performances, such as the welcome party; interaction over culture, such as Secret Santa and Let’s Go Global: Natives; and interaction over games, such as the International Sports Festival; interaction over food, such as the BBQ, Beach Picnic, and Bento Parties. 

 One of the oldest and largest events organized by TISA is the annual International Sports Festival. It is a day dedicated to sports where members of the Tokyo Tech community participate in different sports, compete against each other, and win  prizes. Over the years, the number of competitors has increased above 250 students participating in soccer, basketball, table tennis, badminton, and E-sports. 

Feedback from TISA members:

Sara (Egypt):

What does TISA mean to me? When I first came to Tokyo, I didn't know anything or anyone, I was completely lost! And from the first day on campus, TISA was my guidance through my life here, with continued support, helpful advice and friendly community. TISA gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people whom I wouldn't have met any other way, amazing people who  are now some of my closest friends! For me, TISA is my family in Tokyo Tech, it's where I go to when I need help, support or just a friendly ear....

Laras (Indonesia):

TISA has a lot of great events every year which help to connect people especially international students (Japanese students too). I love coming to TISA's events because they help me to meet  new friends from all over the world. I would definitely recommend international students to come to TISA's events.
TISA – Tokyo Tech International Student Association

Tokyo Institute of Technology



Twitter:   @tisa_tokyotech <>

Facebook page:

Facebook group:]


'One World'

Saturday, March 14, 2020 - 22:12

On November 20th (Wednesday) from 18:00-20:00 we held Welcome Party 2019:
With wonderful food and drinks, amazing performance, both new and old, international and Japanese students enjoyed the party. 

TISA's welcome party provides a place where you can communicate and get in touch with the international, meet your future classmates,
also contact former international students at Tokyo Tech. Everyone joined the welcome party had a GREAT and meaningful time! 

It was our honor to have Professor Mizumoto, Professor Takada to deliver welcome speeches to all the international students at the Kuramae Hall.
Our amazing performers, Piset & Hirose from Magic Club, Cody & Reina made the night even more enjoyable. 

Special thanks to Kuramae, TokyoTech Alumni Association for sponsoring our event, Kuramae staff, TokyoTech staff from student support division for unrelenting support,
Professor Mizumoto, Professor Takada for your inspiring speeches. 

Thank everyone for coming! We hope you had a great evening!
We also look forward to see you in our future events.

Monday, November 18, 2019 - 21:03

Welcome party for international students 


Would you like to meet new friends while enjoying FREE FOOD and GAMES

provided by TokyoTech International Student Association (TISA)?


Let's come to TISA International Welcome Party Autumn Semester 2019!


Join us on November 20th (Wednesday) from 18:00-20:00 at Kuramae Hall. (Entrance opens

from 17:30)


FREE for new students and ONLY 500 yen for current students

(Please don't forget to bring your student ID card!)


If you are interested, please come to the Kuramae Hall on that day!

Kuramae Hall is located on the 1st floor of No.24 building"Tokyo Tech Front" on the map shown above.

(In front of Ookayama Station.)

Monday, November 18, 2019 - 21:00

TISA Career Event, 27th November 2019


2019. 11.27. (Wednesday)15:30--17:30 

@HUB ICS in Ookayama campus
This event will be a great opportunity to learn about the job-hunting situation 

in Japan, and the career support services offered by Tokyo Tech.

Some of the former international students who graduated from Tokyo-Tech, 

and are currently working in large Japanese companies here in Japan will be 

invited to talk about their experiences.(AGC, DENSO, Weathernews Inc.)


Seminar topics:

1.  Career path trends for International Students at Tokyo Tech

2.  Available Career advisory services at Tokyo Tech.

3.  Essentials for successful job-hunting in Japan

   - Importance of Japanese proficiency

   - The job-hunting process

   - Skills and abilities companies seek in international students

   - Employment prospects for international students after graduation


We encourage all international students (undergraduate, graduate, and PHD) to 

participate in the event, and to make the most of the career development opportunities on offer.


No registration is required to attend this event


Monday, November 18, 2019 - 20:52

TISA is organizing a workshop event on management skills.

The Trainer will be the Operation manager of Venture Café Tokyo , you will learn more about Teamwork and how to manage an event and also make some new connection. 

The purpose for us doing this is to get more people involve in TISA and create events that students in TokyoTech can all enjoy.

So if you have been anxious about your capacity to make an event and managing a team, this is the right event for you.

Join US on November 15th, from 5 to 8pm (Friday)at HUB ICS in Ookayama campus.

Use the QR cide to register please.

Sunday, July 21, 2019 - 20:52

July, 2019
The Tokyo Tech International Student Association (TISA) held the volleyball event on February 24, 2019. Organized in collaboration with MARCH, Tokyo Tech's volleyball club mainly composed of Japanese students, this event aimed to promote cultural exchange and social interaction between domestic and international students. The event also provided an opportunity to make new friends without the stress of cultural or language barriers.
Comments from participant
Eriko Kishimoto (MARCH, Japan)
 I joined the event for the first time as a member of MARCH. It was a great opportunity for me to interact with international students. We talked with gestures and we did hi-five when we got scores. That was impressive for me. I would love to join this event again.
Comments from organizers
Eriko Deguchi (TISA, Japan)
This was the second time we had the volleyball event. Thanks to MARCH, the event was very exciting in the end. In Tokyo Tech, there are not enough events for promoting the interaction with international students. We planned this event to achieve the goal of providing a place to exchange Japanese and international students through sports interests. We were satisfied with participants enjoying volleyball and the event turned out to be successful. We would like to continue planning international exchange events and promoting cross-cultural relationships.
Daisuke Sugawara (MARCH, Japan)
 This event was planned by TISA. MARCH has only Japanese students, so they must have felt fresh through this event. Even though it was not easy for us to communicate in English, we used gestures and that made ourselves understood. For us, it was a precious opportunity that could experience the fun in the international exchange. Some students have joined the event two years in a row, so I will continue this event again next year. I really appreciate TISA and MARCH members who helped us. Thank you.
Tokyo Tech International Student Association (TISA)
TISA is a student organization that supports international students and works to enlarge the human resource network among Tokyo Tech students around the globe. TISA promotes cross-cultural understanding among Tokyo Tech students in addition to organizing useful academic, educational, social, cultural, and recreational activities in the best interest of the association, its members, and the Institute.
●     Tokyo Tech International Students Association - TISA | Tokyo Tech Global Stories | Global
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●     TISA holds Tennis Festival 2016 | Tokyo Tech News
TISA – Tokyo Tech International Student Association
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2月24日、東京工業大学留学生会(Tokyo Tech International Student Association、以下TISA)が、東工大の日本人学生と留学生の交流を促進することを目的としたイベント「Volleyball Event with MARCH」を開催しました。本イベントは、本学の非公認サークルであるバレーボールサークルのMARCHの協力を得て行われ、バレーボールに関心のある多くの学生が、国籍や言語の壁を越えて交流することができました。
TISA 出口英梨子さん(生命理工学院生命理工学系 学士課程3年)
MARCH 菅原大資さん(工学院経営工学系 学士課程2年)
MARCHからの参加者 岸本恵理子さん(7類 学士課程1年)

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - 13:21


The Tokyo Tech International Student Association (TISA)and Tokyo Tech Photo Club joined forces to hold Let's Shoot Photos! on December 3,2017.
Domestic and international students gathered in Todoroki Valley Park during the autumn leaf season to take photos of flora,fauna,and each other while communicating without the stress of cultural or language barriers.

Comments from participants

Kabir Shahriar (TISA, Bangladesh)

Let's Shoot Photos! was a wonderful event for anyone who is interested in photography. The location of Todoroki Valley Park was really nice and the idea of forming small groups for taking photos was brilliant! It allowed us to interact with our teammates and share and learn new ideas and techniques for taking better photos. There were both international and Japanese participants in the event and so it was a nice opportunity to meet new people and make friends. The whole event was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it! I hope TISA and Tokyo Tech Photo Club will hold similar events in the future.

Taehyeong Noh (Photo Club, Korea)

The photography club and TISA prepared an awesome event for Tokyo Tech's international students. We formed groups of six,which was just the right size to tour Todoroki Valley. Also,it was great timing to enjoy the colors of the Japanese maple. We looked around the area and drank green tea at a traditional teahouse. Talking about cultural differences and similarities was also very meaningful. The most exciting part was taking photos for the contest. We shot a lot and thought about how to take the most impressive photos. It was an unforgettable memory. I hope that other students can enjoy this event next time.

Comments from organizer

Mei Fukuda (TISA & Photo Club, Japan)

I organized this event for international exchange because I thought there might be many international students who are interested in photography,and because there are many international members in our photo club. I'm so glad to hear that the participants,including the photography beginners and Japanese students,enjoyed this event. TISA's past events have been mainly sports events,but I learned that there are no borders in art either. I want to thank all the members who participated. I hope TISA and the Photo Club can plan and engage in more joint events in the future.

A photo contest was held after the shooting session. Despite everyone visiting the same location,the broad range of subjects,perspectives,and techniques provided for more interesting conversation.