Things you want to know about TISA 2020 recruitment

TISA Membership enrollment 2020

TokyoTech International Student Association (TISA)
The Tokyo Tech International Students Association (TISA) is an essential constituent of campus life that hopes to provide the appropriate programs, suitable facilities and right services for International students as well as for Japanese students. TISA will serve as a network for educational exchange, wherein students from different regions of the globe will be able to collaborate and share information among members.  

Roles and Responsibilities of the Executive Officers



The following are the duties of the President:

  1. Preside over the Executive body of the association and its meetings
  2. Provide general supervision over all business and affairs of the association
  3. Direct and motivate the Executive body towards achieving the mission, strategies and goals of the association
  4. Ensure that the organization and its officers operate efficiently, effectively, and accountability.
  5. Appoint chairs of all committees and task forces
  6. Represent TISA and its member to all external groups and entities



  1. Assist the President in discharging his/her duties
  2. Assume the role of President in the event that the President is unable to function
  3. Any other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the President


 Internal Affairs Committee メンバーシップ委員会

-- in charge of internal affairs of TISA, managing and facilitating administration and communication between TISA councils. 

  • General Secretary

The following are the duties of the General Secretary:

  1. Ensure meetings are effectively organized and recorded
  2. Manage the communication correspondence between the Executive and other entities, internal and external
  3. Maintaining effective records and effective administration of TISA assets
  4. Manage the organization’s membership database


  • Assistant General Secretary
  1. Assist the General Secretary in the discharge of his/her duties
  2. Assume all duties and responsibilities if the General Secretary in the event that the General Secretary is unable to function


Public Relations Committee広報PR委員会

-- do promotion and publication for TISA. We are calling for SNS and website managers, Poster designers, Mailing-Newsletter coordinators, photographer & event participants.


  • Design Team
  1. Create all public relations material. 
  2. Take events photos, videos. 
  3. Design posters, flyers, website. 
  • Media Team
  1.  In charge of all communication channels and TISA’s social media
  2. Update Facebook, Twitter, TISA Website.
  3. Contract each country student association send emails to inform events 
  • External cooperation Team (日本語ができる方大歓迎!)
  1. Ask for university cooperation. 
  2. Provide Japanese support to other team members.

Japanese Student Representatives 日本人学生代表

  1. Assist the organization is making its activities more accessible to Japanese students
  2. Help with communicating with other student groups and circles at Tokyo Tech
  3. Represent the interest of Japanese students to the TISA Executives and relevant committees

Major Project Committee メインイベント委員会

-- organizes and executes all major TISA events and activities.

  • Leaders
  • Big welcome to short-term event volunteers.


Finance Committee   会計

-- manage money, keep finance records

  • Treasurer
  1. Manage the organization’s bank account(s) and money
  2. Ensure appropriate financial systems and controls are in place
  3. Ensure that all budgets and income/expense reports are prepared and presented in a timely manner
  4. Keep accurate records of the organization’s assets
  5. Ensure the organization is keep in good financial standings with all relevant parties
  • Assistant Treasurer
  1. Assist the Treasurer in the discharge of his/her duties
  2. Assume all duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer in the event that the Treasurer is unable to function

Japanese Exchange (JEx) Committee 日本文化交流部

-- make events to promote cross-cultural understanding between Japanese students and international students. 

past events: Judo experience with judo club, one-day trip & photo contests, volleyball event with MARCH...

Cultural Committee 文化委員会

-- promotes and supports cultural activities  

(Let's Go Global & Shimizukubo Elementary School Cultural Exchange Event) 

Student service Committee 学生サポート委員会

  -- provide information and make events to support students' life in Tokyo Tech.


'One World'