management skills workshop

Monday, November 18, 2019 - 17:30
@HUB ICS in Ookayama campus.

Event Description

TISA organized a workshop event on management skills.
We invited Urushihara Takuo, the Operation manager of Venture Café Tokyo, to give us the seminer. About 10 students attended. 

We started form a little team game- build a tower using Spaghetti and marshmallow. Then we learned more about Teamwork and how to manage an event and also make some new connection. 
The purpose for us doing this was to get more people involve in TISA and create events that students in TokyoTech can all enjoy.

This had been very useful for all of us to make an event and managing a team, hope we can apply what we learned for the future events.
The workshop was intresting and involving. We all enjoyed a lot, thank you Mr.Urushihara!