Judo event with TISA JEx and judo club

Saturday, November 2, 2019 - 15:00

Event Description

Explore the world of the Japanese traditional sport, Judo.

Judo club will teach us how to properly play judo, including tips on wearing the uniform, explaining the rules, etc. Playing Judo is a perfect opportunity for both international and Japanese students to have some fun together and make friends!

If you ever wanted to try out Judo or just want to have an amazing Saturday, feel free to come to the event! The judo club is welcoming to both newcomers and seasoned veterans of Judo.

Date and Time:   2 November 2019, Saturday 3pm-5pm
Place:  Judo field, basement first floor of Tokyo Tech gym, Ookayama campus
Fee: Free (You can borrow the Judo uniform)

Any questions? Write to us at contact@mytisa.net

About the organizers:
TISA’s webpage: https://mytisa.net/
Judo Club: http://titech-judo.greater.jp