Do you want to join us? TISA 2020 recruitment

2020. Spring. heart Many new international students are looking for their whereabouts. Congratulations! You find the right place! Here is your home! laugh

We are more than delighted to welcome you to TISA - Tokyo Tech International Student Association, TokyoTech’s biggest international students’ community!

 TISA is a great space for international students to integrate into the Tokyo Tech community. 

Toward the new coming year, the 2020 TISA recruitment is here and everyone is encouraged to participate. We welcome anyone from new students to OB & OG. Come and see which positions suit you! 



1.      ​Period: at all times

·      Students enroll in TISA membership.

2.     Annual General Meeting (AGM): to be decided

Executive Positions

·      President 

·      Vice Presidents

·      Internal Affairs Committeeメンバーシップ委員会

  _ General Secretaries

·      Public Relation Committee広報PR委員会

  _Japanese Student Representatives 日本人学生代表

·      Major Project Committee メインイベント委員会

·      Japanese Exchange (JEx) Committee 日本文化交流部

·      Cultural Committee 文化委員会

·      Student service Committee 学生サポート委員会

·      Finance Committee 会計



Do you want to know what each position is responsible for? 

Click here to find out about their roles and responsibilities.


TISA Membership enrollment form:


We always welcome everyone who is interested, regardless of age, nationality nor status. 

You can apply to be a volunteer/ council member.

For TISA council members, you need to be a full time student or staff in Tokyo Institute of Technology.

For registered volunteers,both full-time and exchange students are welcomed.

we will contact whenever new events come up to check your availability. Usually, we have a new event every couple of months.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):  FAQ link


TISA – Tokyo Tech International Student Association

Tokyo Institute of Technology



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